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5 Tips on Packing For The Caribbean

When visiting the Caribbean, there is much more to packing than remembering sunscreen, a bathing suit and a camera. Most travelers choose the Caribbean to relax, but it is hard to do so if important details are forgotten. Keep these helpful tips in mind when packing for a visit there.

  1. Bring bug spray with DEET. This is a must for any tropical climate. There are tiny flying insects in tropical climates that can easily wiggle through screens, but only spray with DEET will keep them away. Be sure to buy pump bottles that are TSA compliant, or pack a larger pump bottle in a checked bag.
  2. Pack comfortable shoes. Flip-flops will work for short distances, but most people want to walk on the beach, wade in the water or take a hike while on vacation. Choose lightweight shoes that are breathable. They should dry fast as well if they will be worn in the water.
  3. Bring light clothing. The sun is intense in the Caribbean, and dark colors will absorb it and intensify it. Lighter colors are advised. Bring lightweight clothes that breathe easy, because it is also humid. Avoid bringing anything camouflage, which is actually illegal in some parts of the Caribbean.
  4. Take an umbrella and coat. A raincoat with a hood and a light umbrella may be needed. There are often evening storms in the Caribbean, and sometimes they happen during the day as well. Be sure to bring plastic or waterproof bags for any items that cannot get wet such as important travel documents, cameras, cell phones and other electronics.
  5. Remember a first aid kit. First aid supplies are not always readily available in some areas. Be sure to pack a kit, but make sure it is TSA compliant when bringing only a carry-on bag.

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Travelers who have prescriptions for controlled substances should advise their doctors of travel in advance to discuss a plan of action if medications are lost or stolen. Also, make sure identification and travel documents are kept close at all times.

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