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Reasons why families love to take vacations

Here are the facts:

  1. Families love taking vacations.
  2. Families love taking vacations in Mexico.
  3. We are all inclusive resort experts specializing in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Pool VacationAt some point we realized that it makes sense for us to share our thoughts on family vacations.

We’ve decided to write a series on Family Vacations. This first part of the Family Vacations series will focus on two points:

  • Why families love to take vacations
  • Why families love to take vacations in Mexico

It’s no surprise that traveling brings people together. At All Inclusive Vacations, we pride ourselves in our family-focused atmosphere and love for our community. As parents, brothers, children, we find that traveling with our families brings us together.

And we’re not alone. We recommend and sell vacations to families all the time (especially summer time when kids are out of school). Guess what? Everyone loves family vacations!

Sometimes our customers share their reasons why, sometimes we ask. The most common reasons are:

  • It removes distractions and allows families to focus on bonding and having fun
  • Kids grow closer together
  • Parents learn a lot about their children (and themselves)
  • Kids see their parents outside of their stressful day-to-day lives

All of this results in one compounding benefit: families return from vacation as a stronger unit. That means happier, stress-free, and relaxed.

Reasons why families love to take vacations

Now that we’ve made it clear how awesome family vacations are, let’s talk about why families love going on all inclusive resort vacations in Mexico.

The Caribbean offers TONS of options, resorts, and activities

If you browse through our Mexico specials you will realize that from Cancun, to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo, you have a whole bunch of options on where to go and what to do. We have customers that go to the Mexico every year — a different resort every time, and never get bored! There aren’t a lot of places where you can do that at the price and experience you get with all inclusive packages in places like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

The flight is short and tolerable

Kids aren’t always into flying — and hey, neither are some adults! We love recommending Mexico because of how easy it is to fly there. Most major cities have charters and non stop flights so just jump on a flight and you’ll be on the beach within a few hours. You can’t do that with transatlantic flights. The biggest benefit? Families who want to take a quick winter escape can do so on a 4-day weekend without losing time traveling. Oh, and did we mention you don’t deal with jet lag?

It offers the best deals for family packages

Seriously — bar none, there is no place in the world that gives you the amazing beaches PLUS all inclusive resorts PLUS tons of activities and things to do PLUS ridiculously affordable packaged prices.

Don’t take our word for it though, we invite you to explore for yourself.

Stay tuned for the next part of our series on Family Vacations: The Best Family Vacations in the Caribbean!

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