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Letter to Stressed Out CPA Who Needs a Vacay

Dear Stressed Out CPA Tax Accountant,

I know — it’s busy season. You don’t have to keep telling me, it’s clear from your face and behavior that you are stressed out beyond all comprehension. But hang in there — April is just around the corner.

stressed-out-office-professionalYou need a vacation and it’s obvious. But don’t worry, All Inclusive Vacations has you covered. As someone who cares about the bottom line, we’ve got the lowest priced all inclusive resort specials on the Internet. Oh, and the difference between our specials and the ones you’ll find promoted on these big discount travel sites is that we aren’t going to sell you the unwanted suites or discount resorts. You get the best vacation for the best price.

How about this: You keep doing what you’re doing and kicking ass with the Tax Season work, and we’ll take care of you once you’re all done.

How can we do that?

  • We’ll make sure to find you a resort that is perfect for you.
  • Our price is guaranteed to be the cheapest you’ll find (we offer price match so you have nothing to worry about)
  • Every single resort we recommend has been visited by one of our resort experts. Nobody else can make that kind of promise.
  • Tell us what you like and don’t like, and leave the research on us. You do enough work in the office, let us handle this part.

Is that efficient enough for you?

Seriously, I get it — efficiency matters for you. It matters for us too. An optimal experience for you is a happy customer for us. And we didn’t spend the last 20+ years doing what we do by leaving customers unsatisfied. Your happiness is our happiness. And that’s our bottom line.

With love and empathy,

All Inclusive Vacations

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