Reasons why families love to take vacations

Here are the facts:

  1. Families love taking vacations.
  2. Families love taking vacations in Mexico.
  3. We are all inclusive resort experts specializing in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Pool VacationAt some point we realized that it makes sense for us to share our thoughts on family vacations.

We’ve decided to write a series on Family Vacations. This first part of the Family Vacations series will focus on two points:

  • Why families love to take vacations
  • Why families love to take vacations in Mexico

It’s no surprise that traveling brings people together. At All Inclusive Vacations, we pride ourselves in our family-focused atmosphere and love for our community. As parents, brothers, children, we find that traveling with our families brings us together.

And we’re not alone. We recommend and sell vacations to families all the time (especially summer time when kids are out of school). Guess what? Everyone loves family vacations!

Sometimes our customers share their reasons why, sometimes we ask. The most common reasons are:

  • It removes distractions and allows families to focus on bonding and having fun
  • Kids grow closer together
  • Parents learn a lot about their children (and themselves)
  • Kids see their parents outside of their stressful day-to-day lives

All of this results in one compounding benefit: families return from vacation as a stronger unit. That means happier, stress-free, and relaxed.

Reasons why families love to take vacations

Now that we’ve made it clear how awesome family vacations are, let’s talk about why families love going on all inclusive resort vacations in Mexico.

The Caribbean offers TONS of options, resorts, and activities

If you browse through our Mexico specials you will realize that from Cancun, to Puerto Vallarta and Cabo, you have a whole bunch of options on where to go and what to do. We have customers that go to the Mexico every year — a different resort every time, and never get bored! There aren’t a lot of places where you can do that at the price and experience you get with all inclusive packages in places like Cancun and Puerto Vallarta.

The flight is short and tolerable

Kids aren’t always into flying — and hey, neither are some adults! We love recommending Mexico because of how easy it is to fly there. Most major cities have charters and non stop flights so just jump on a flight and you’ll be on the beach within a few hours. You can’t do that with transatlantic flights. The biggest benefit? Families who want to take a quick winter escape can do so on a 4-day weekend without losing time traveling. Oh, and did we mention you don’t deal with jet lag?

It offers the best deals for family packages

Seriously — bar none, there is no place in the world that gives you the amazing beaches PLUS all inclusive resorts PLUS tons of activities and things to do PLUS ridiculously affordable packaged prices.

Don’t take our word for it though, we invite you to explore for yourself.

Stay tuned for the next part of our series on Family Vacations: The Best Family Vacations in the Caribbean!

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CNN Questions an All Inclusive Vacations Value

CNN published an article questioning the value of all inclusive vacation packages by asking if they are worth the cost. Here are the facts about our All Inclusive vacations.

All Inclusive Really Does Mean the Travel Expenses are Included

We’ve developed close ties with Apple Vacations to offer you travel opportunities that truly are all inclusive. For instance, when you book your accommodations at the Iberostar Cozumel through our site, you and your travel companions will receive as many beverages as you wish including those made with top shelf liquor. Some of the resorts we work with offer upgraded amenities, and you may need to pay more to access them, but by choosing to book an all inclusive vacation, you’re guaranteed to have plenty of activities available.

All Inclusive Dining

In the CNN article, the journalist questions the food offered at all inclusive resorts and states that some packages limit your choices. When you contact All Inclusive Vacations to book your travel plans, you won’t experience dining limitations. For example, if you’re traveling with your fiancé to Sandals Emerald Bay in Barbados, you can dine at any of the resort’s seven restaurants, which include sophisticated establishments as well as casual venues.

Clearing up the Confusion about Tipping

All inclusive vacation deals appear to confuse online news organizations like CNN because they continue to comment about the lack of clarity regarding tipping. If you’ve traveled to the Bolongo Bay Beach Resort in St. Thomas with your fiancé for your destination wedding and you receive exceptional service, you may wonder if you’re required to tip. Keep in mind that it’s up to you whether or not you tip. You can give a service person a few extra dollars when you feel it’s appropriate and refrain when you don’t. All service personnel receive paychecks from the resort. Some resorts discourage tipping and, if yours does, then you will receive notification of this policy.

Benefits of an All Inclusive Vacation

When you book through us, you can choose your resort experience since we make reservations at various ones. Furthermore, instead of spending a great deal of your free time looking for vacation deals, you can trust that you’ll find the best price from All Inclusive Vacations. Take into account that we work with resorts that are in the business of creating dream vacations for their guests.

You Can Experience an Affordable Dream Trip

The CNN article ends by telling readers that all inclusive vacation packages are limited and best for people who want to sit around and do nothing. We believe that you should have access to luxury vacations that include delectable food and one-of-a-kind experiences as well as relaxation if that’s your idea of a fabulous trip. We further believe that people should not take on major debt to participate in these kinds of adventures. For instance, you and your longtime spouse can book an all inclusive anniversary stay at the Barceló Capella Beach Resort in the Dominican Republic for around $1000 per person depending on your departure city. We offer inexpensive vacation deals that let you lounge on beaches, tour historic landmarks and participate in thrilling activities with your loved ones. Take a look at our site to see how easy it is to afford your next vacation.

Featured Image by Velas Vallarta


USA Today recently featured the Maya Riviera, a historic and unique vacation destination on the eastern coast of the Mexican state of Yucatan. The feature went into some of the most beautiful and luxurious resorts for holding weddings. No doubt, USA Today is a fine publication with an adequate writing staff. Still, it is instructive to take a closer look at these resorts, a look from the viewpoint of a travel insider. In this vein, here is the short list of the most promising wedding destinations on the Maya Riviera; destinations that are more accessible than ever through all inclusive vacation deals.

Barcelo Maya Beach Resort

The feature from USA Today leads off with mention of the Barcelo Maya Beach resort. This is one destination with extremely beneficial attractions for travelers who use all inclusive vacation packages. Like most of the resorts in the area, Barcelo Maya Beach features the exotic Mayan artwork style that is known and appreciated throughout the world. The resort features six separate restaurants and six bars placed at tactical places throughout the property. Ideal for people who love outdoor sports, this resort also provides 24-hour access to a wide variety of sports and activities. As part of an all inclusive vacation here, guests can engage in kayaking, basketball, windsurfing and much more.[/two_third][one_third_last]

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Barcelo Maya Beach01

Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya

Next on the list is the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. It is likely that many travelers don’t realize just how luxurious Hard Rock Hotel resorts can range. This Hard Rock offers nine separate wedding packages from well-known event designer Colin Cowie. With this many options to choose from, any couple can find the right way to celebrate their special union. Whether one prefers getting married in a garden, terrace or on a beach, the Hard Rock will fit the bill. By using an all inclusive vacation package, any couple can create an unforgettable wedding at the Hard Rock Hotel Riviera Maya. The hotel even offers free amenities for honeymooners like breakfast in bed, a candle-lit dinners and complementary cakes. Needless to say, this hotel offers more than enough attractions for all travelers, not just couples.[/two_third][one_third_last]
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Hard Rock Riviera Maya

Dreams Tulum Riviera Maya

Dreams Tulum Riviera Maya is the last of the most important destinations mentioned in the USA Today article. By accessing this resort through an all inclusive vacation offer, one can open up a whole new world of luxurious travel. Like most vacation destinations located in the Maya Riviera, Dreams Tulum is situated on a white sand beach that is almost unearthly in its beauty. The resort features a huge list of attractions that are ideal for families, couples, sports enthusiasts–basically, anyone who enjoys visiting exotic destinations. Travel insiders with industry experience always use all inclusive vacation packages to enjoy this world-renowned resort. By taking advantage of the inside deals that aren’t known to all, travelers can find themselves enjoying remarkable places they never thought they could ever afford. Instead of settling for ordinary prices, savvy travelers seek out the inside scoop on inclusive deals to beautiful destinations in Mexico and around the world.[/two_third][one_third_last]
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Dreams Tulum Riviera Maya


Puerto Vallarta Beaches Once Bombed Now Hidden and Beautiful

We were surprised to find these secret beaches on DailyMail while researching the beautiful Puerto Vallarta. 

Puerto Vallarta, once a sleepy coastal trading port on beautiful Banderas Bay, has become a haven for relaxation and thrilling adventures. The miles of idyllic beaches are among the most beautiful sandy stretches in the world. In addition to exciting hotspots, guests of All Inclusive resorts can find secluded sanctuaries for viewing a romantic sunset. Staying at an All Inclusive resort enables guests to enjoy this premiere holiday destination for one low price. From swimming, diving and parasailing to tours, shopping and nightlife, an All Inclusive Puerto Vallarta resort is the perfect vacation destination for everyone.

hidden-secret-beach-vallartaThe golden sandy beaches of this charming seaside town offers numerous recreational activities. The lively Los Muertos beach with its restaurants, cafes and nightspots continues to draw A-list celebrities. The underwater caves of Los Arcos and the Marieta Islands are an extraordinary snorkeling adventure that can lead to hidden beaches created by military bomb testing in the early 1900s. One of the most tranquil settings in Puerto Vallarta, Playa Conchas Chinas features lush mountains flanking clear aquamarine water filled with an array of sea animals.

While the waves and breaks of Playa de Sayulita and El Anclote attract surfers from around the world, Playa de Oro is a sheltered bay ideal for swimming, water skiing and parasailing. South of the city, Las Amapas, El Palpito and Las Pilitas are a series of small, secluded beaches with breathtaking views. Las Pilitas is the original home of the famous “Boy on the Seahorse” statue by Rafael Zamarripa. From December to March, charter boats take guests to experience the annual migration of humpback whales, as well as dolphins, porpoises and sea turtles. As night falls, the beaches reverberate with the rhythms of jazz, marimba and mariachi bands. The balmy tropical setting and inviting Mexican hospitality quicken the pulse while soothing the nerves.

When staying at a resort through All Inclusive on or near these spectacular beaches, guests can enjoy a variety of on and offshore recreational activities for a low, bottom-line price. These marvelous resorts feature pools, restaurants and exclusive offers for guests on a romantic getaway or an extended family holiday. Take a look at our extensive list of Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Resorts.

A Response to Wall Street Journal: What All Inclusive Resorts Aren’t Telling You

RedThumbsDownHere’s the bottom line — There are those who like surprises and there are those who do not. Somewhere along the journey of researching vacations, investing money, and traveling to that dream destination we all become the type of person that does not like surprises. We do not like extra fees at our check out, extra time waiting for our room to be ready, and nobody likes showing up to a resort that is half under construction. The Wall Street Journal recently showcased an article called “10 Things All-Inclusive Vacations Won’t Tell You” and, while there appeared to be a strong case against booking All Inclusive, All Inclusive Vacations knows that WSJ has missed the mark on all ten points.


All-Inclusive Means Exactly What you Think and Much More

StressEscape01The article cited above puts a lot of weight on that little asterisk* at the end of cruise and luxury hotel prices that are listed online. The debate deals primarily with resort upgrades, service fees and taxes. Fees and taxes will be discussed below, so lets look at resort add-ons? All of our booking are done through a strong relationship with Apple Vacations and every All Inclusive Vacations experience includes bottomless top-shelf drinks and unlimited access to resort restaurants – no questions asked. Spas or member-only access may be additional costs because they are vacation upgrades. Consider when you buy a luxury vehicle, if you prefer a particular leather instead the standard fabric than you pay the extra cost. Since shoreline massages or poolside villas are not standard, expect to pay for upgrades but count on having a wonderful vacation experience with or without resort add-ons.

Luxury Trip Less Money than Standard Vacation

Cheerful family in the sunIf you are looking for a family vacation and decide to spend countless hours behind the wheel driving with a car full of kids, stopping at hotels and fast food restaurants before finally reaching Disney or that beachside condo, you may be saving a little money but at a great cost. Compare hours in the car and tightly squeezed hotel rooms with a family vacation that includes luxury resorts and all meals included. All Inclusive Vacations works exclusively with airlines and resorts to bring you as low of costs as possible. Don’t believe us? Take a look at our current deals and see for yourself.

You Won’t Pay More to Drink — Period.

drink recipesUnlike WSJ alluded to, you are not required to maintain your strict ice tea diet while you’re laying out in the sun at our luxury resorts. All drinks, whether alcoholic or not, are included with your stay. In fact, if you need a refresher on popular seaside refreshments, we have gathered a list of the Top 10 Resort Drink Recipes. You won’t pay more for your drinks — Period.



The Pretty Room in the Brochure? It Can be Yours

wall street journalJust like anyone else, resorts like to put their best foot forward when meeting somebody new. First impressions are lasting impressions, right? That being the case, hotel brochures and websites tend to showcase their best rooms. Is it true that those pretty rooms are not included at standard prices? Sometimes but more likely than not the largest issue is not the beauty of the room itself but the view of the water. Rooms tend to have an additional fee if they include either a poolside swim out back patio or a full balcony with an oceanfront view. That said, all luxury resort rooms are equipped with amenities and beverages that exceed guest expectations. Furthermore, as was already mentioned, All Inclusive Vacations works hand-in-hand with resorts to find you the best rooms at the best deals.

Sunshine and Zero Hidden Fees

UncleSamWe already mentioned we know that you hate surprises while on the hunt for that perfect vacation. Lucky for you, All Inclusive Vacation works alongside Apple Vacation. Having booked getaways for over 40 years now, Apple Vacations has maintained secure relationships with resorts. Not only does Apple Vacations have direct connections with resorts, offering you the best deals, but they have also fine-tuned the process of getting travelers absolutely unbeatable prices without secret fees or price negotiating. The sneakiest of fees typically include taxes, airline bag check-in and airport security fees (i.e., September 11th Security Fee), but even those fees are mentioned in the checkout process and clearly communicated during booking. What is another fee that many travelers overlook until they arrive at their destination airport? Many often forget to coordinate transportation from the plane to your palace — but our partnership with Apple Vacations includes all taxes and fees as well as hotel and airport transfers with every single all inclusive resort that is booked!

Keep Tips in Your Pocket if You’d Like

moneyThere is a longstanding question at luxury resorts, are we supposed to leave tips during our stay? If either the room service or your evening waiter does their job with excellence, are you encouraged or even required to tip them? If not, is there gratuity already factored into your resort stay? Remember what we said just a minute ago about hidden fees? Right, there is not a special pool of your resort booking that is set aside to tip resort employees (but they are compensated monetarily by the resort that they work for). If booking costs do not cover tips, should you tip while you’re on site? Many resorts, like Sandals, have a policy that asks guests to refrain from tipping staff. They encourage guests to leave thank you notes or something similar if they had a good experience. That said, it is not uncommon for guests to carry small amounts of cash to tip at one’s own discretion. At that point, it completely depends on whether the guest (you!) would like to leave a tip and there is no requirement or expectation placed on them by the hotel.

Local Culture at Resorts and Opportunity to Explore

reggaeI remember visiting a Sandals Grande Riviera in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. While the resort grounds and restaurants were much more luxurious than the island of Jamaica, every resort staff member and amenity spoke of the go-with-the-flow culture that Jamaica is so well known for. Whether snorkeling the beautiful waters, listening to the unique steel-drum entertainment or zip-lining through the lush Jamaican greenery, I knew that the resort did everything possible to capture the unique culture of Jamaica. While visiting the local mall or public beach will most likely not be on the agenda, All Inclusive Vacation luxury hotels are intentional in capturing the culture of your resort’s location.


Cash Back or Travel Vouchers with AV-OK Insured

In the same way that we insure our favorite pieces of technology or the homes that we live in, it is important to take the necessary precautions when booking family vacations, honeymoons, or other extremely important getaways. Since All Inclusive Vacations works alongside Apple Vacations, all trips have the option to include a total vacation security plan — AV-OK. “The AV-OK Total Vacation Security Plan includes a Pre-departure Cancellation/Change Waiver, Best Price Guarantee and Post-Departure Travel Insurance.”


Your Travel Agent Works on Commission and Around the Clock

Secretary_Answering_PhoneOf all that was written in the article cited above, the fact that sales agents make a commission off of sales is the most accurate. The commission does not come easy! To achieve and maintain the lowest rates and the best deals, agents at All Inclusive Vacations must work around the clock to reach and serve shoppers. By day the phones are ringing and emails are being responded to and by night newsletters are written and future deals are being pieced together. While we completely love our service to hotel guests, we are working pedal to the metal around the clock in order to offer the absolute best resorts at exclusive prices.

Yes, Low Price and Luxury Goes Hand in Hand

(c) Eli Stein Cartoons
(c) Eli Stein Cartoons

Are you one of those people that walk into a store and head straight to the back for the Clearance section? Those items are typically awkwardly out of style or coated thick with dust. Not so with the deals at All Inclusive Vacations. All Inclusive Vacations brings you the biggest deals on luxury resorts, even the fancy-pants and high-class hotels! For example, you and one other person can stay at the Sunscape Dorado Pacifico Ixtapa right now for $1,297.16 (including hotel, airfare, taxes, fees, & all insurance options). That is a luxury resort and an unbeatable price!

What are All Inclusive vacation resorts not telling you? Just how great of a deal you are getting and how wonderful of an experience you will have!


Featured Image: Rebecca Schear

Best 4th of July Resort Parties

Resorts with Big Summer Parties

With great prices and the All Inclusive experience, why not let your hair down and join us at one of our massive summer parties as we party over the Fourth of July? With world-class DJs and unlimited top-shelf drinks at an unbeatable price, you will be having a blast this Independence Day! While you cannot go wrong with any of the All Inclusive Vacation listings, below are three destinations that are well known for their amazing resort parties.

Oasis Cancun

[one_half_last]Not many places on earth have a reputation for throwing great parties quite like Cancun does. The festive vibes from spring breakers come alive once again on July 4th. If you like to dance and have a great time, make your way to Oasis Cancun. The resort is offered at a very affordable price, whether you are a college student or someone who has found their lifetime career. The resort includes one of the longest pools in Cancun and a beautiful white sand beach. As a sneak peek at just how rousing the parties are, Oasis Cancun has long tables that dancers step onto to join in the fun! Are you searching for an exciting 4th of July party? Join us at the Oasis Cancun![/one_half_last]

Hard Rock Cancun

[one_half_last]If you are looking to rock hard, visit Hard Rock Cancun. Anyone familiar with the entire line of Hard Rock Hotels knows that they have more than their spirits that are top-shelf. Everything that they do is top-notch, whether it is their level of service, the quality of their entertainment or the caliber of their restaurants.

As with everything on site, the parties at Hard Rock Cancun are extravagant as well. After dining at Frida or any number of other restaurants, enjoy the perfect beverage before heading to a classy on-resort party. If you would rather stay indoors, spend time in the beautifully decorated and extremely elegant billiards area. As the night goes on, the scene changes and so does the attire. Dresses are swapped for bikinis as a DJ is added to the affair for a fun and thrilling poolside after-party.[/one_half_last]

ME Cancun

[one_half_last]There is no doubt that Cancun can drop the beat and get the party started. There are very few who can spin the tables or rock the microphones like those leading the show at ME Cancun. Well recognized for their world-class Friday night parties, the DJs that are showcased here are only the best. And the parties are not the only part of the resort that is incredible, this adult-oriented luxury resort equips rooms with pre-tuned iPods, private Jacuzzis, and 24-hour room service. Book a trip to ME Cancun to party your way through the Fourth of July.[/one_half_last]

Featured Image Bethany Khan

Mini Cancun Bucket List: What would you add?

Many travelers think that the entire adventure exists within the gates of their beautiful resort. On the contrary, whether you are traveling to the Caribbean or Mexico, there are always wonderful adventures nearby. In this list focusing on Cancun, we mention four notable adventures from travel blogs that are well worth your time. We need you to close out the list with number five!

Chicen Itza Cancun

1. Experience Ancient Culture
Whether you take the time to explore new foods or visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World (Chichen Itza), be sure to spend time learning about the rich traditions that belong to Mexico. The blog over at
XCaret takes the time to highlight both Mexican cuisine and the most popular Mayan ruins.



snorkel cancun

2. Snorkel or Scuba New Sites:
It is one thing to explore the area by land, but a whole new adventure awaits you if you are brave enough to dawn your mask and dive in! At the USA Today Travel Tips blog, there is a short list of incredible snorkeling spots in and near Cancun.



Isla Mujeres

3. Explore New Places:
While in town, do not return home without a visit to Isla Mujeres. Home to a mansion with a mysterious history as well as a popular sea turtle farm, this island has a lot to offer at a relaxing, slow pace. U.S. News Travel provides insight on this wonderful island and a longer list of must see Cancun sites.



cancun cenote

4. See a Cenote: If you have not visited one of these beautiful locations, this is a must see! There are a collection of caves filled with crystal clear water that are open for swimming. adds these invigorating spots to their list of must see travel stops while in Cancun.


And much more! There is much more to be seen and done in Cancun. What would you add to this list?

How to Find Fair Airfare

While getting away is always nice, proper planning and pricing is a must for many of us. Once you have narrowed down the destination, there are matters of hotel and flight accommodations that need organized. When traveling oversees, say to one of the Caribbean Islands, this can get all the more difficult. George Hobica, of Huffington Post, recently voiced his concern with the world of digital airfare and how shoppers are to discover good deals. He argues that Kayak, Google Flights, Priceline and the like are simply not doing anyone favors as they seek to save cash on their flight.

“And they keep on coming! More and more airfare search sites and tools. They’re all great, don’t get me wrong, but they’re all quite similar, and use the same airfare data. Hopper, Adioso, Hipmunk, Google Flights, and all the ones that came before.” – Hobica

Why the unrest with the flight finders, you may wonder? Hobica argues that each digital database pulls from the same flight information and it just plain leaves shoppers running in circles. Therefore, rather than saving time for those wishing to be soaring through the clouds, shoppers spend even more time and save less money than they think.

On the contrary, we think that there are adequate apps available to help you steal a deal. This is how you can save money on your flights: The trick is not in what you search for and how you weigh the search results, but in how you make use of the tools that are available for you.

Recently, Dani Fankhauser weighed in on the discussion of airfare search over at Mashable. Fankhauser lays out and summarizes ten excellent tools for helping consumers find fantastic flight deals. Lets dive in and give a couple of examples for how these apps help to save you money.

  • Priceline example: If you could care less about the time of your flight then you will save an incredible amount of money. At Priceline, you can choose the departure and destination locations and Name Your Own Price® for your flight. By doing so, you get your flight on your dates but at the most affordable time slot.
  • GetGoing example: If you are less concerned with your destination and more concerned with just getting away, then GetGoing may be a great option for you. At GetGoing, you can choose your departure and a variety of destinations for specific dates. The search results can be filtered by the cheapest trip on those specific dates.
  • AirFare Watchdog example: You may know where and when you are getting away, but you are just not happy with the prices that you are seeing right now. With AirFareWatchdog, You can set up price alerts so that you are notified when costs drop for your dream vacation!

get going
airfare watchdog[/one_half_last]

In order to save money, different tools help you in different ways. Those are just three examples of ways in which you can use airfare search apps in your favor to save you money while planning your next getaway. What are your favorite airfare search apps? Let us know by submitting a comment below. Happy flying!

Origami Airplane Photo Credit: Dominik Meissner